Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

events that had never happened, alongside music

these days i watch my favorite movie again, Twilight. memorable movie in my heart, i love it. for you to know, when Twilight was still playing in theaters, i was with my friend, we watched it twice. this is crazy. but we did it cause we really liked Twilight. now i have no need to watch the movies, cause i already have the videos to watch at home by me personally. was fun!

and i also liked the sound tones the beautiful, soft to be heard, it was very comfortable for me. tune also pretty even very beautiful. such as penetrating into my soul. cause music is a passion of life, can sometimes look like a fire, fire of my life. music is the fire of life with the tune is beautiful. even so i could think of things past, that has happened.
the scenes in the film is also very interesting. i wasn't bored even see over and over again.

i remember one thing. moment where the day was rain. the sky was overcast and gray, cold and cool air, the raindrops sounded out there, so beautiful cause i love the rain. Oki stay at my house for a few days. we were at that time were watching Twlight in my room. atmosphere Forks are felt, even it we did was be there. it was romantic, not cause we were alone in my room, but more precisely because of the rain and Twilight.

i miss times like that again. with my best friend, i watched my favorite movie.

sometimes i want all that had ever happened to me, could happen again, could be repeated again. i want the people who i loved back in close to me. i hope so..

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